Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wateen Prepaid Account Recharge

Please follow the below mentioned steps;

Log on to http://www.prepaid.wateen.net

On main page, towards bottom right click on option of Refill account

In the new window that appears, enter your pre paid card scratch number

You will get a message "Your card is redeemed successfully"

You can also check the history of the vouchers used for your account at http://selfcare.wateen.com. Furthermore, you may also call 1230 from your Wateen provided number to top up your account by simply following the automated prompts.

WiMAX or Triple Play Users:

You can recharge your Wateen prepaid WiMAX or Triple Play account through:

• Voice: From your Wateen number dial 1230 and follow IVR to recharge your voucher (WCard)

• Internet: you can also recharge your voucher from internet, all you need to do is enter your username and password at http://prepaid.wateen.net and recharge you account via voucher

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